Midnight groanings

I heard a woman groaning in the middle of the night, she came from loud and calmed down a little and eventually picked up on the sound. I couldn’t sleep and all I wanted was a restful night after a long day and she couldn’t allow me that. It was the prayer of this earnest person, tired of the way things are going. Repeating incarnations over and over, It was evident that she’s been through the pit of lion and in the valley of death and her only option was this God she was praying to.
What prompts this heartfelt prayer, lose sleep in the middle of the night. I believe in the supernatural, I believe in God and I believe that the honest tears of a righteous person drop right in palms of this helper and there’s ever present help in moments like these, faith as little as a mastard seed moves mountains. The world works together for those who trust. I will surely come back and write about this lady when I see the results of her 3 am prayer when things finally change 😊

The now silent Christmas hero

I knew for a fact that I had to smile the next morning
Even though I had a sleepless night
With nightmares from my past
With a heavy heart bleeding for the people I care for now
I knew for a fact that I had to be strong
Even though I was crumbling deep down
The pain I felt was too much as Christmas closed in
I knew for a fact that I have a family that depended on me
And I couldn’t tell the tale with my eyes straight
My head was low, as the reasons kept resounding in my mind
Like I owed the world explanation
For my inability to provide
It was all in my mind
Because they didn’t have to see it
The pain and the burden I carried
So heavy I could use a hand in the moment
Each one too far to reach me
They didn’t have to see it
The bended knees and bruised back from the weight overload
I let them see the shining star
Bright as
The smile of a thousand blossoming lillies
My efforts futile sometimes,
They still see a hero staring into those eyes!

Ideas; The real Gold

I caught myself singing a lot lately, well everyone sings in their heads and most times in the bathroom and kitchen, right🤔
Three weeks ago I met a prophet of God who told me my calling is to sing
I laughed so loud in my mind and thought, ofcourse I’m called to sing to myself, I sing three tones in one line, talented right?
Fast forward to this moment now, it just dawned on me how powerful an idea is, even though I wasn’t convinced by the man if God, my brain registered the idea and it caused a series of involuntary actions to actually be better at singing.
I have watched children waste themselves because their parents told them they would never amount to anything in life
I know adults who won’t make decisions without consulting mum because she’s the yardstick of life and perfection itself
I know women who don’t know they are beautiful because a man told them they aren’t
I know kids struggling in school because their parents never appreciate any effort and think nothing they do is good enough
I could go on and on, we all know this and some of us struggling with the same
I know it is true for sure
Be careful what you say and how you say it, the world needs more of kindness and bright ideas, you’ll never know the impact of your words, I’d like to call them ideas
They turn people into great men and women
They turn into money, creating a generation of financially independent people

An idea! Is all it takes

Love: No regrets

So what if I feel more than I should
Isn’t life a summension of feelings, both awkward and pleasant
So what if it could get bad, but what if it gets better
The uncertainty of falling in love makes it more interesting
But when does love begin
At what point do you realize your heart is nolonger yours but shared with a significant other
Wait, how does one get the title significant
Is it not in the simple things and everyday acts of kindness
Well yes, this is about someone special
aren’t we all looking for that one special person
That makes your blood rush and heart pump twice as much, he got his!
Is he the right one? Who cares
Do we deserve everything that comes to us, definitely not
Do we ask for it, sometimes not, it just happens in a blink of an eye
And life gifts you the ability to feel so much for another
We might not know what the future hold
Pardon me, we don’t what the future holds
But today is here with us
And we make the most of it To love, to laugh, to give, and to live with all we have
And today, I choose to be the best I can be, to live in the moment for myself
No regrets

The bright end of the tunnel

In the midnight hour when it gets quiet
All you hear is the sound of nature and your own breath
And the heart beating so fast Like a warning to just stop thinking
The day is finally dawning When I’ll understand why What the heart was trying to warn me
Is it bright or dooms day
My mind wonders, as my heart beats twice as fast The feeling overwhelmes me
But who I’m I to question the future I can not see or control
All I have is now
To deal with the darkness sorrounding my path
It looks like the sun has never shone
But deep down I know what’s true
Troubles come in the night, but they don’t last
Joy comes in the morning! Oh how I long for that day When all the pieces are in place
How heavens play a game And yet I worry
Tell my heart to beat again For good news looms around
Even though I’m blinded by my eyes that see today
Tell my heart to hope again For there’s all answers ahead
Tell my heart to look up to the sky
To see the stars that shine bright every night when it’s dark
For they shine through my path even now
Until my morning comes Tell my heart the day will shine brighter than I’ve ever seen

I got today

Bring on tomorrow 👽 I got today
One day at a time looks like this
You go to bed anyway and wake up by default
You are alive and that’s what you count
You are well and not sick. No pain
And memories of what you used to be haunt you
Giving you endless worries you can not resolve
It’s the test of faith of the unknown
It ain’t easy but you keep crawling forward
Because your legs can’t run anymore
They’re too sore to self suffice
The strength of the Lord takes over purely
Your heart fights against you
Your mind is asking
How’s tomorrow gonna be
But your truth is that you survived today
So bring on tomorrow
Cause anyway is a way
I got today checked
Bring on tomorrow
I’ll keep crawling forward
Until my legs get the strength to run and
My hands get the wings to fly
Bring on tomorrow

Breakfast at my House

During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.

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